If you want to receive payouts on stripe you need to add a bank account. Because, Stripe will not be able to give your payouts if you don’t give the information of your bank account. So, you need a bank account for stripe.

Now if you do not have a bank account and already opened a stripe account. Then the first thing you need to do is to open a bank account first. Choose a bank that supports international transactions. And open a bank account providing all the information that the bank needs. After you have opened the bank account it is time to add that account on Stripe.

You might wonder how to add a bank account on Stripe. So here we will give you the guidelines to add a bank account on Stripe. Firstly you need to login to your stripe account. You have to go to the dashboard. You can see stripe dashboard side menu. Now go to settings. And from there go to bank accounts and scheduling. Then click on the add bank account button. Now this part is very important. You need to fill the form very carefully. Remember on this part you have to put your information of your bank account. After you added all the needed information you have to click on the save button.

If you already have a bank account added to your stripe account. And you want to update your information. Then click on the update bank account information button.

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